Les Mills Tattoos

UPDATED: See below for the FAQ! 

Here are the “official” Les Mills tattoo designs:


Immense, balanced strength is depicted with this design, which features two ‘mangopares’ or hammerhead sharks – the traditional symbol for strength and power.


RPM’s ‘power’ is captured here with symbolism depicting the ‘mangopare’ or hammerhead shark. Traditionally, mangopare was seen as a source of huge strength and determination – and was eaten before battle because it was considered to contain the shark’s adrenalin which would enhance their warrior-like abilities.


A sense of uplifting is communicated with this design. It shows the koru growing larger and larger, stepping ever upwards in size and strength – and achieving a higher state of being.


BODYJAM’s uniquely infectious attitude is shown here with a densely symbolic design featuring different traditional elements feeding off each other. Rhythm is also symbolised here with extensive use of the teeth-like tara-tara shapes.


The notion of ‘energy unleashed’ is depicted here with a dramatic, sweeping explosion of korus – which themselves also refer to ‘renewal’. The design also incorporates ‘tara-tara’ – or the teeth of the mythical taniwha which represent formidable strength.


The key symbolism depicted here is of balanced energy, with a converging yin-yang design spiraling around a central spring – or primal energy source. The inclusion of ‘tara-tara’ or teeth in groupings of three symbolise the past, present and future.


Here, the outwardly spiralling koru motif depicts powerful energy being released from within. Shown this way, it also references a collision of growth and change.

For convenience the above are available as a collection in .zip format – click here to download


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Did you design these tattoos?

No. The tattoos were (probably) designed by Steven Renata and other members of LesMills staff.

When were these tattoos released?

I’ve not heard a definitive answer on this. Most people I’ve spoken to believe they emerged around the end of 2006 and were displayed by some master instructors in Q1 of 2007.

 Does anyone own the copyright?

Well, it’s not me. Technically the tattoos are the intellectual property of whoever designed or commissioned them. LesMills don’t claim copyright on any official materials or websites. This page has been in existence for a while and no-one has asked for its removal (yet) so my assumption is that either ownership is not established or publication here is tacitly condoned. If anyone does own the copyright (and can provide reasonable proof of this), I will readily take them down on request.

 Are there higher resolution versions available?

Sorry, the above images are the best quality I have.

Are there any other tattoos?

None exist for programs other than the ones above. There are no tattoos for BodyVive, CXWorx, Sh’Bam or any non-Les Mills programs.

Why isn’t there a tattoo for BodyVive or CXWorx etc?

 These tattoos were originally released at the end of 2006. At that time Les Mills hadn’t started BodyVive or CXWorx. So there won’t be a tattoo for any of their more recently produced programs.

Are there any plans to release a tattoo for BodyVive or CXWorx etc?

As far as I am aware, no. You could try contacting LesMills New Zealand. Otherwise, why not design one yourself.

27 thoughts on “Les Mills Tattoos”

  1. Rick,

    I like the BodyAttack one

    That’s really cool from you to share with us those tattoos 😀


  2. Something’s wrong with my eye, I can’t differentiate them except for full moon and crescent :O
    I’m really lack of art cells in my body :p

  3. I love body attack and body pump , and I really want a tatto, is there any way no combine both?

  4. I’ve just seen these tatoos and they are totally different to what I imagined….
    I thought the Tatoos would have the writing ‘BODY COMBAT’ TM…. etc…

  5. Hi friends. I have the BodyPump tatto on my left calf. These came out sometime before release 62, when Susan and Emma had them in the master dvd. It kinda started a craze back then…we are on release 79 now. I believe they came out before BodyVive was here which would be the reason there is not one. Peace. Kia Kaha. 😉

  6. I love combat one, thinking about getting tattoo, but want on small scale, would have to slide shark teeth out some, would the meaning be same,??😂

  7. I have been looking for these , i teach ,Body Pump Body ViVe and Flow, Body Flow is my absolute fav. my classes are huge i have decided on The flow Tatoo in small scale ,thanks for Sharing these and i agree with the others we need one for each program Vive was out when Pump was on release 79 i’ve teaching since release 4 .

  8. i see a flower tattoo on some LM instructors what does it mean? iwanted to add the d calf tattoo :p

  9. i got the BodyAttack tattoo in my shoulder as a reminder of how much I have grown as a Group fitness instructor by teaching this program and transforming lives…. one class at a time 🙂 😀

  10. @arief

    Do you mean the fern leaf? (You asked about a flower tat on some of the LMI instructors) I believe that the tat represents the silver fern,(please correct me if im wrong) which has been associated with New Zealand and all that is New Zealand and being a New Zealander. You can see the fern on the All Blacks Rugby uniform. I believe I have seen a tat of the fern leaf on Corey Baird’s chest (Again, please correct me if I am wrong). I’ve read somewhere that NZ has numerous species of fern, some probably only found in NZ.

  11. I loved these designs as soon as i saw them on the banners. I have the bodypump one tatood on my thigh & ribs, & the rpm one tattood on my butt!!
    They remind me how my inner strength has grown since becoming an instructor & the changes I have made to peoples lives as well as my own.
    kiaora from Great Britain 😀

  12. I want to do Body Combat, but do not know which part of the body would be cool … Can anyone give me an idea? thank you. 🙂

  13. Been looking for new tattoo for my shoulder and been teaching Body Combat for 2 years now so time to get one done. Love the design and the meaning Rick.

  14. Bodypump too much like an octopus for me…Too swirly and almost looks like bubbles inside. Would like to see a more angular/tribal design like the tattoos the master instructors are sleeved in

  15. Hi folks,
    Like it says above, CX, Sh’Bam and Vive were not released programs at the time these designs were released in 2006. So there are none for these programs, nor GRIT.

  16. I would love to see if they would now consider releasing a tattoo for GRIT!! Keep us posted!

  17. I would love to see something more feminine they look to masculine for me just an overall les mills tattoo , I have too many programs to have all of them

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